Learn Hebrew on-line from home or with a regular Hebrew language course

This is a question we get asked a lot, and to be honest, there is no one correct answer as each and every student is different, has different goals, different needs and different abilities.

But, we firmly believe that an on-line course such as the Moses Method offers students many advantages over regular classroom and self-learning courses, advantages that will give you a head start and encourage you to learn Hebrew in a stress free, comfortable and empowering environment.

 In fact, that is the philosophy behind the Moses Method and one that has led us to develop a course that quickly brings you up to speed, not only in modern Hebrew, but also in the society and culture of Israel.

So, why do we believe that on-line home study is better?

1. You study at your own pace. You can set a study schedule that fits in with your life style and not be a slave to a specific time slot every week. With a regular course, your class is at a set time every weeks and there’s no room for flexibility.


2. Study from comfort of your own home, in an environment where you can relax and devote all your energy to absorbing the lesson and increasing your command of Hebrew. A regular class room will usually have uncomfortable student desks and chairs, you will be in strange and often uninspiring physical environment that isn’t always conducive to learning.


3. Our on-line classes are never larger than 10 students and are specially developed to give each and every student the help and support they need. Regular classes can be large and have little room to provide the one on one attention that every student needs at some stage during their studies.


4. On-line classes can exploit the power of multi-media easily and effectively. Movies, audio tracks, presentations, slides, flash cards, games – all are available. In the regular classroom environment, even if these educational assets are available, getting them to the students can entail a lot of wasted time setting up equipment.

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