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What happens when the government falls asleep on duty? What happens to a country when the government makes conciliatory gestures to those who are trying to undermine its existence?

Title: Jihad on the Promenade

Subtitle: Tel Aviv to New York: How Britain Became an Exporter of Islamic Terror

Author: Saul Zadka

The book discusses the UK, a Western country, a country where residents have no idea that their country became an exporter of terror.

The average Englishman apparently does not know that the first terrorist act carried out by Englishmen filled with nationalistic fanaticism took place in a pub called "Mike's Place" in Tel Aviv, in 2003. Next was the "7/7 Gang", which massacred people using public transportation in London. Since then, British-Muslim fanatics have been involved in any and all conflicts in the Muslim world. In Britain itself, secret services managed to foil over twenty mass terrorist attacks that could have cost the lives of thousands of people.

British security agencies estimate that some two thousand terror cells exist throughout the United Kingdom. Each of these terror cells developed not in the Middle East, but rather in mosques in the UK, under the not-so-watchful eye of British security services. The terrorists were home-grown in hundreds of mosques, universities, and prisons across the UK.

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