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A Very Relevant Book


The Boundaries of the Occupation: The Rarity of Military Rape in

the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict / Tal Nitzan, Shane Center of Research in Social

Sciences, Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology, Faculty of Social
Sciences, The Hebrew University in Jerusalem, 2007. 201 pages.

A study of the boundaries of the occupation taken from the book "The Boundaries of the Occupation," which deals with the rarity of rape in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The Israeli army is known as the most moral army in the world.
In other places in the world, many soldiers tend to commit rape against women on the side with which they are at war.
This is not the case in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and Israeli soldiers remain moral and protect human rights. Why does this phenomenon exist? What purpose does it serve? An important argument in this study is that while the borders between Israel and its neighbors are not clear, the ethnic-national boundaries are clearly defined. The soldiers vote with their bodies against crossing the ethnic boundary.

Hence the absence or rarity of rapes indicate that the extreme self-discipline of IDF soldiers is a kind of self-disciplinary mechanism that is rarely violated. The argument against IDF soldiers is therefore that their lack of willingness to rape actually reflects a political ideology, and they do not behave as is expected of a conqueror.

In discussions on foreign TV networks, it has been claimed that Arab women feel that the Israeli army is not an army of "men", and the evidence is that there are no cases of rape in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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