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Course Information: Level 1  

Course Information: Level 1

The Moses Method

Learning Hebrew Easily, Effectively & Enjoyably

First Step in the Hebrew Language

Do you want to Know Hebrew? 

  • Become familiar with and read Hebrew text?
  • Listen to and speak Hebrew?
  • Fulfill your dream of taking your first step in Hebrew?

Because it's fun to speak Hebrew.

The course First Steps in the Hebrew Language was developed just for you by Go Get & Tell Education.


Welcome to the program that is most suited to Hebrew beginners.

A unique experience is awaiting you. You'll receive practical tools enabling you to take an active part in Hebrew conversations, and you'll be introduce to the secret of thee Hebrew alphabet and the power of Hebrew words. You'll understand why millions of people around the world study Hebrew daily, and you'll acquire lot of knowledge in the language.

My name is Ayala Lilli Moses. I developed "The Moses Method- Success in Hebrew"- which is based on more than 20 years of teaching Hebrew and combines pedagogic experience with cutting- edge technologies.

Our program offers you all the tools and conditions needed for quick success: first-rate guidance, sophisticated learning materials, and added games and exercises for your enjoyment!!

So I congratulate you on your decision to take your first steps in the Hebrew language. Nice done!

With friendship and admiration,


The goal of the course

Is to provide you with the initial foundation for speaking, reading and writing Hebrew.

At the end of the course you'll be able to converse in Hebrew in public, at home and with friends, and you'll be able to read short stories easily.

Thanks to our didactic method- "The Moses Method- Success in Hebrew"- at the end of the course you'll want to know even more about Hebrew… so you can continue conversing enjoyably.

The learning method

In an easy, relaxed and pleasant manner- the course incorporates songs, games and a variety of activities.

The course offers the optimal mix between group study and one-on-one session with the teacher.

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Our guarantee

You're not on your own. If you have a question or encounter a problem, you can always contact us for assistance. There will be someone waiting on the other end of the line, who is ready to answer your query without delay.

We'll do the utmost to ensure that you're satisfied with the course. We'll always look for ways to help and give you support.

We guarantee complete satisfaction because we are confident that our course is excellent. However, if you register for course and for whatever reason choose to discontinue your studies, you can do so by November 27.

100% Quality Guarantee!!!!

Bonuses and gifts

Since we enjoy giving our students valuable complimentary gifts, we'd like to send it directly to your mailing address.

That way you won't start your studies without first receiving the gift package from Go Get & Tell- Education.

  • Textbook
  • Hebrew notebook
  • Champion's shirt

And other small gifts

The complete kit will be sent to your home as soon as you register for the course.

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You pay for 35 lessons and get 38 lessons

*Speaking Units- 15 Minutes Per Student


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