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Course Information: Level 2  

Course Information: Level 2

Creating a Strong Foundation in Hebrew

Do you want to

  • Speak Hebrew correctly?
  • Learn to speak and write using the well-known 'inductive' method?
  • Be able to write as well as you speak Hebrew?

Because it's important to have a grasp of the language before proceeding to higher level in your studies

The course Creating a Strong Foundation in Hebrew is unique and was developed just for you by Go Get & Tell Education


Welcome to the program that is most suited to second Hebrew beginners.

Our program- We (also) Speak Hebrew Level 2- focuses solely on comprehensions and everyday usage. The short and coherent texts, the divers instructional methods, and the entertaining activities that accompany the study process, reduce anxiety and guarantee relaxed and enjoyable learning. Students are not tested on their ability to analyze and evaluate written text.

My name is Ayala Lilli Moses. I developed "The Moses Method- Success in Hebrew"- which is based on more than 20 years of teaching Hebrew and combines pedagogic experience with cutting- edge technologies.

Our program offers you all the tools and conditions needed for quick success: first-rate guidance, sophisticated learning materials, and added games and exercises for your enjoyment!!

So I congratulate you on your decision to take your first steps in the Hebrew language. Nice done!

With friendship and admiration,


The goal of the course

  • Comprehension and translation
  • Accurate spelling of nous
  • Listening to correct pronunciation
  • Learning the singular and plural forms of nouns
  • Adding the appropriate adjective to nouns (masculine, feminine, singular, plural)  Understanding a short text written in block letters
  • Writing a short text using cursive letters, without spelling mistakes
  • Reading more than 40 shorts texts correctly and clearly

The learning method

The course is based on the well- known 'inductive' method- the student hears and listens to words naturally without first learning the rules of the language.

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You pay for 35 lessons and get 38 lessons

*Speaking Units- 15 Minutes Per Student

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