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Course Information: Level 3  

Course Information: Level 3



Everything You Need to Know

Imagine your wishes coming true

A clear, effective and enjoyable method for studying Hebrew verbs

  • There's finally a clear-cut method for studying Hebrew verbs.
  • It feels great to know that the method has been tested repeatedly, and each year it produce optimal results.

The course- VERBS- Everything You Need to Know is unique and was developed just for you by Go Get& Tell Education

Shalom and welcome,

There are only three tenses in the Hebrew language: past, present and future.

It sounds quite easy and, in fact, it isn't very complicated. In a single yearlong course you can learn everything you need to know about Hebrew verbs.

Knowledge is empowering. The Hebrew language is important to you and you want to be more knowledgeable.

You're about to be introduced to a comprehensive and extraordinary program where you'll receive an answer to every query you have concerning verbs- Everything You Need to Know.


The course aims to

  •  Uncover everything there is to know about Hebrew verbs
  • Give each student individual attention, including private tutorials related to the units studied in the classroom
  • Provide students with a maximum level of knowledge and a better understanding of the material, achieved through the 'dual' study session
  • Ascertain that students are reviewing and practicing the material by checking their homework every week
  • And no less important- ensure that our students are enjoying the learning process

Who is the course designed for?

The course is tailored to adult students. Successful completion of the level 2 course is a prerequisite for registration.

Please note! You'll begin taking a 68- hour course, delivered over a period of 10 months

You'll be in our 'classroom' 105 minutes every week.

The learning method

The course will be delivered once a week, at a prescheduled time and in a number of study formats:

Live lessons- through state-of-the-art, online learning technology. The recorded lesson will also be saved for you.

To ensure a high quality learning process- your knowledge is tested throughout the course, and you also receive one-on-one 15- minute sessions every week to discuss homework-related questions.

The website will be available to you for questions, answers, and checking homework.

An online graduation party, full of surprises, will take place at the end of the course.

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Our commitment

You won't be on your own' and you can contact us whenever you have a query or problem. There will always be someone available to take your questions and answer them immediately.

We'll do everything in our power to ensure that you're satisfied with the course. We won't spare any effort to help and support you. And if you still have concerns- know that if you decide to discontinue your studies for whatever reason, and notify us by November 27' you'll be charged for only one month and the nonrefundable registration fee.

We're confident that you'll be satisfied and feel the difference as early as the first month. You'll want to study because everything will be organized and clear. You'll be highly motivated to learn Hebrew and succeed!!!

100% Quality Guarantee!!


You pay for 35 lessons and get 38 lessons

*Speaking Units- 15 Minutes Per Student

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