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Learn to Speak Basic Hebrew

It's important to have fun when you learn to speak Hebrew. The games and exercises that are part of the Moses Method are designed to build your confidence - so that Hebrew for Beginners becomes an enjoyable learning process.   

learn to speak Hebrew well

Welcome to our introductory course 'First Steps in the Hebrew Language' which gives you the foundation in how to read and speak basic Hebrew. You'll find that these lessons are just what you need to blend in with Israeli society.

Ideal lessons in Hebrew for beginners

Go, Get & Tell is one of the best programs for learning Hebrew online because we combine everything into an enjoyable learning experience - the sophisticated learning materials, exercises, added games and of course the first-rate guidance. For students of 'Hebrew for Beginners' we make teaching over the Internet as warm and personal as teaching in a regular class environment.  

Fun way to learn the Hebrew language

• Doing fun exercises
• Singing Hebrew songs
• Studying in a group
• Enjoying personal Hebrew lessons with the teacher

Focus on Hebrew script and numbers

Basic Hebrew is all about understanding Hebrew letters, Hebrew numbers and how to write Hebrew script (handwriting). This methodical process in how to learn a new language is built on turning small successes into bigger ones. It's where tutor Ayala Moses excels with her Moses Method.

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Individual attention in learning Hebrew online

This is the start of a very strong and personal relationship between you and Ayala. She's always ready to guide you, identify with your aspirations and help you learn to speak Hebrew in the most positive way possible. That's why so many students stay with Ayala for years. Read our student testimonials.

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Sign up for Level 1 now. You'll be impressed with the teaching material sent to you and surprised how quickly and well you learn to speak Hebrew . 

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Learn to speak Hebrew like Israelis do with the Moses Method

First steps in the Hebrew Language
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Online Group Lessons
Studying Hebrew online in a group is an enriching and highly valuable learning experience. The atmosphere in the group is dynamic, the classes are lots of fun, and the subject matter is engaging.
Online Private Lessons
Our private lessons focus on the individual progress you can make learning Hebrew. At Go Get & Tell, we closely examine your study strategy and perfect it so you are better positioned to achieve amazing results.
Self Instruction Kits
The variety of kits we've created are tailored to making independent study of Hebrew an easier task. The self-instruction materials found in the kits are user friendly, illustrated, and guide you on the path to success.
We offer an assortment of unique and personal gifts, which are just right for those special days in your life. Share your great love for the Hebrew language with friends.
Auxiliary Materials
Our beautifully designed line of products will help you study Hebrew more effectively and more enjoyably, every step of the way. The various products complement and support the Moses Method and provide you, the student, with tools to better organize your studies.
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Shalom. I'd like to thank you for the fascinating course I took this past year.  I learned a lot and I'm beginning to understand what is being said to me, and can even speak a few full sentences.  I still have a lot more to learn, but I'm glad that my first course has left me with a taste and desire to keep on studying.


Steve, 47, Philadelphia, USA