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Learn How to Read Hebrew

All language fluency starts with a strong foundation in Hebrew. You need to learn Reading Hebrew words in sufficient quantities - and with the correct Hebrew pronunciation - so that you start feeling like an insider. Add all the fun things in the course and before you know it, you're becoming fluent!  
learn Hebrew words with the right Hebrew pronunciation

Hebrew Reading lessons by the Moses method

By Level 2 you'll start to get a grasp of the language - the Hebrew letters, the Hebrew words and the Hebrew pronunciation. Here's the time to introduce enjoyable word games and other special activities to make every learning session a date to look forward to. 

Some of your goals:

• To move smoothly from Basic Hebrew to Hebrew for Advanced Beginners. 
• To read Hebrew fluently without stumbling over every word? 
• To gain the confidence that you're 'climbing the hill'. 

Hebrew pronunciation and understanding
All beginnings are difficult and often students keep rolling back to the starting point. We recognize this challenge and help you to overcome your fears and difficulties by organizing our Hebrew lessons into easily understandable modules. We make learning Hebrew online a fun activity and one you'll look forward to every time. Imagine having Hebrew pronunciation skills like a native-speaker?

More Hebrew words, great power of expression

Level 2 of the Moses Method 'Hebrew lessons for beginners' is also the place where you'll start to read sentences clearly, write with greater ease and expand your vocabulary. We estimate that by the end of this session your knowledge of Hebrew words will increase to about 3000.

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Why not take a quick tour though the whole Go GET & TELL course to see how we take you on an exciting journey from Basic Hebrew to Advanced Hebrew?

Check out Course Level 2 - learn Hebrew words and Hebrew pronunciation

You've make great progress to learn Hebrew words and turn your language skills into conversation skills. Keep going - it's getting easier.

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Learn Hebrew words and phrases on the way to fluency with the Moses Method         

Creating a Strong Foundation in Hebrew
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Shalom Ayala and thank you very much.  It’s important that I thank you for a successful school year.  Thank you for the patience, the professionalism and, most of all, thanks to you I learned how to study for the purpose of succeeding.  Every week you diligently checked my verbs notebook and encouraged me to be neat and organized.  I was surprised to discover that even at the end of the year, I still remember the words that were learned at the beginning of the year, and for that I thank you.


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