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Learn to Speak Hebrew

At the heart of any language are the verbs. Learn Hebrew verbs well - in all their tenses and variations -and you begin to make rapid progress in understanding and being understood. This set of Hebrew lessons focuses on the verb system.

learn Hebrew verbs and start getting really fluent

The effective way to learn Hebrew verbs (and remember them)

When you're learning speak Hebrew online, you need to deal with the 'engine' of the language - the mastery of verbs. Going beyond Basic Hebrew means being able to use all the tenses - as you do in your mother tongue. That's the purpose of our Hebrew lessons Level 3

Speaking Hebrew Well: Learn over 500 Hebrew verb roots

We help you to grasp one of the challenges in learning Hebrew online - how to learn Hebrew verbs in a way that you can remember every time you talk. Our exercises are designed to explain the fundamentals very clearly so that you can see the sequence of every verb form and start using the right tense without effort.  

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Here's what you'll achieve:

• Get a strong foundation in the present tense of many Hebrew verbs
• Understand how they adapt when used in the past and future tenses
• Practice their usage as you become stronger in Hebrew writing
• Use your growing knowledge to read Hebrew with more confidence.

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Your ability to learn Hebrew verbs and put them to effective means that you're now well on the way to becoming fluent. Don't give up, because everything is now becoming easier.

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Learn Hebrew verbs the right way with the Moses Method  

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Wow! What a thorough and important course!  At the beginning of the course I wasn't organized, but after five lessons I realized that I must organize what's studied in order to remember the new words.  I want to express my gratitude for your verbs notebook and for the tips you sent me about how to organize and arrange the learning material!  I'm only at Lesson 12 now and I love studying using the Moses Method.


Jonathan, 48, Australia