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Go Get & Tell – Education is an Israeli company that provides diverse study solutions to Hebrew language students, offering cutting-edge methods for learning Hebrew independently. 
We've also developed a variety of audio programs, educational games, and auxiliary products.

Why us?
Because we're the only ones who teach students how to combine their intellect, heart and soul when learning the Hebrew language – while studying effectively, having fun in the process, and becoming acquainted with contemporary Israeli culture.

Our target audience
Hebrew students of all levels, aged 10 and older – young people, women and men who speak different languages and wish to learn Hebrew effectively and enjoyably.


Our vision
To teach Hebrew to any individual in a simple and pleasant manner, based on his/her background and level, and to show students the beauty inherent in Hebrew culture.
Our mission
-Making Hebrew cultural content accessible to anyone interested in the language.

Our challenge
Utilizing state-of-the-art technologies to give the learning process a recreational and relaxing quality, and surprising students with fascinating and current content each time anew.

Our team
Is made up of professionals from a wide range of disciplines: highly experienced Hebrew teachers, courseware developers, graphic artists, and video editors.


There is an abundance of love for the Hebrew language, Israeli culture and Jewish tradition underlying every product developed by Go Get & Tell Education's team of experts. Our pedagogic know-how is based on more than 20 years of experience gained from teaching Hebrew to adults as well as accompanying students through the various stages of their studies, starting at the beginners level and up to the advanced level.

We thank you for choosing this product developed by Go Get & Tell Education, and wish you all the best in your Hebrew studies.

Our method
Studying Hebrew efficiently and effectively means that you're in possession of your own 'mental' GPS. You're the one who navigates the courseware in the direction of the outcome you wish to attain. You don't have to hurry, but rather take your time and get there easily and enjoyably. Don't look at what the others are doing. Concentrate on your own study methods.  We're here to help you stretch your ability just that much more and reach the next level, without straining a muscle or getting hurt on the way.  We'll guide you towards an effective change in your study habits. Our method doesn't require any special effort on your part.  On the contrary. It means that you'll be doing things that come to you easily.  It's actually the small modifications we make that ultimately bring about the big change and the desired results.

Online Group Lessons
Studying Hebrew online in a group is an enriching and highly valuable learning experience. The atmosphere in the group is dynamic, the classes are lots of fun, and the subject matter is engaging.
Online Private Lessons
Our private lessons focus on the individual progress you can make learning Hebrew. At Go Get & Tell, we closely examine your study strategy and perfect it so you are better positioned to achieve amazing results.
Self Instruction Kits
The variety of kits we've created are tailored to making independent study of Hebrew an easier task. The self-instruction materials found in the kits are user friendly, illustrated, and guide you on the path to success.
We offer an assortment of unique and personal gifts, which are just right for those special days in your life. Share your great love for the Hebrew language with friends.
Auxiliary Materials
Our beautifully designed line of products will help you study Hebrew more effectively and more enjoyably, every step of the way. The various products complement and support the Moses Method and provide you, the student, with tools to better organize your studies.
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Wow! What a thorough and important course!  At the beginning of the course I wasn't organized, but after five lessons I realized that I must organize what's studied in order to remember the new words.  I want to express my gratitude for your verbs notebook and for the tips you sent me about how to organize and arrange the learning material!  I'm only at Lesson 12 now and I love studying using the Moses Method.


Jonathan, 48, Australia