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16 private lessons

Focused lesson

Choose the level right for you and sign up for our one-semester program. You'll experience studying Hebrew using our incredible method, which ensures great results within a short time.

Our 60-minute lessons are online and tuition includes a textbook. Homework assignments are not checked.

The complete program consists of 38 lessons, offered at the cost of only 35. Students who choose to take private lessons for just one semester receive slightly less than 50% of the regular program.

In my many years of teaching, I've met students with different levels of commitment, who want to learn Hebrew but it's always not consistent with their lifestyle. So I decided to enable them to study at their own pace.
Taking small steps is no less important than taking big ones.

Danny wrote:
"A shorter semester allows me to fill in the gaps I left behind during the group lessons and continue enriching my knowledge."

Sam wrote:
"Private lessons allow me to practice with my teacher, ask questions and save practice time on my own."

Go Get & Tell Education is an Israeli company that provides diverse study solutions to Hebrew students. We offer cutting-edge methods for learning Hebrew, including audio programs, educational games, and auxiliary products for independent study.

Please feel free to contact us:
Office: 972-9-743-8149
Fax: 972-9-966-5613

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