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35 private lessons

Private lessons – complete course

The complete program consists of 38 lessons, but you pay for only 35.

During the course you'll experience studying Hebrew using our incredible method, which ensures great results within a short time.

Our 90-minute lessons are online and tuition includes:
A textbook
Homework review sessions
And bonuses:
Bonus 1: A 15-minute practice session
Bonus 2: A stylish T-shirt

After consulting with a teacher, students choose the course that is right for them. The schedule for the complete course makes it possible to focus on the required level and achievements. The great advantage of studying this way is that each lesson lasts 90 minutes, as opposed to only 60.  A 90-minute lesson enables students to review the material thoroughly and, most of all, it facilitates spontaneous conversation in Hebrew. The lesson is divided in such a way that students can learn and drill the new material, in addition to discussing the topic chosen by the teacher for that particular lesson. It is highly recommended that you make the effort and take a 90-minute private lesson.

This is how Yonatan summed it up at the last lesson:
"I've tried many programs, some of which are quite prominent and well known. It's only with Go Get & Tell's program that I feel the lessons bring an added value. I think that the method is superb, and when combined with an excellent textbook and fascinating presentations, it facilitates progress and results in an interesting lesson. I enjoyed every hour of the lesson."

Go Get & Tell Education is an Israeli company that provides diverse study solutions to Hebrew students. We offer cutting-edge methods for learning Hebrew, including audio programs, educational games, and auxiliary products for independent study.

Please feel free to contact us:
Office: 972-9-743-8149
Fax: 972-9-966-5613

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