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A Set of 4 T-Shirts

Short sleeved, 100% cotton T-shirts, with the words "I Also Speak Hebrew" delicately woven on them

 If you buy 4 T-shirts, you get a 5th one for free. The set comes gift wrapped

 A T-shirt you'll want to wear to social gatherings, you'll want to give to those who love Hebrew, and you'll want to pamper your close friends with. It's an ideal gift to give people whom you know love Hebrew, and it's sure to make them very happy.

Available colors:
Light grey, dark grey, white, black, red
Available sizes:
The high quality fabric and decoration won't fade in the laundry.

In my many years of teaching, I have met students who have a need to express their love for the Hebrew language and Israel through small gifts that convey the aroma and flavor of the country and contemporary Israeli culture. What could be nicer than to open your closet and see T-shirts decorated with Hebrew writing? So what are you waiting for? Select a color and submit your order now!

Suzi wrote: "I love to wear my T-shirt when I go to the gym! The fabric is really soft and no one else has a shirt like this."
Liam wrote:" I wore the white shirt to the synagogue on Sabbath and everyone asked me where I bought it."

All Go Get & Tell Education products were developed by a team of experts and convey an abundance of love for the Hebrew language, Israeli culture and Jewish tradition. Our pedagogic skill comes from more than 20 years of teaching Hebrew to adults. We have accompanied students through the various stages of their studies, starting from the beginners level and up to the most advanced level.

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