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The Holiday Series- 2013-2014

Our engaging holiday series that focuses on Jewish-Israeli culture


Shalom to all of you who love the Hebrew language and love contemporary Israeli culture,

The religious and national holidays in Israel, as well as the fast days and the memorial days, offer me an abundance of opportunities to reconnect with some deep emotions hidden inside of me. I'm usually a down to earth person, but an Israeli song, Chassidic tale, or communal prayer can take me back to that innermost place that wants a break from the routine and to feel excitement and experience joy. If your soul is also yearning for a good story or a moving song, then please join me for a series of classes that will be held during the 2013-2014 school year which starts on September 4th.

I'm pleased to present our engaging holiday series that focuses on Jewish-Israeli culture, consisting of 18 classes.  Each class is unique and deals with themes rich in folklore and customs, prayers, songs and stories. Conducted in a group study format and lasting 90 minutes each, the classes are suitable for anyone who has studied Hebrew in the past and reached Level 3.  The entire program is outlined in the table below, followed by information about the gift I have waiting for you.  Here are the details:

Don’t miss this opportunity to experience a whole year of joy.

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