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Online Group Lessons

 Online classes that follow a fixed curriculum

We offer six different levels. You can either study in a group or take private lessons. Group lessons are dynamic and enable students from across the globe, who come from different cultures, to communicate with one another.

A predefined topic is covered at each 55-minute group lesson, which is comprised of the following:

A general introduction, presentation of the topic, explanations, reading, in-class exercises, and summary – leaving enough time to cover the topic in full and also do some exercises together.
Students receive the needed tools to independently complete the homework assignments found in our excellent workbooks, which are distributed at the beginning of the course.

A 55-minute online class + 15 minutes per student to check homework. There are up to 10 students in a group.

From my perspective as a teacher, I enjoy group classes. We often talk about topics that are of interest to the students in the course. Furthermore, I like students to articulate themselves in different ways. For example, we found out that one of our students was an excellent singer. So, under my guidance, she learned the music and lyrics of one of the songs I intended to teach in an upcoming lesson, and then performed it 'live' for her classmates. It was a lot of fun – and everyone benefited!
Some students share interesting stories about their travels in Israel, so the entire group can learn from their experiences and receive some tips.

April wrote:
"I really enjoy the group classes because every lesson differs from the previous one and each time I learn something new."
David wrote:
"If you think group classes are only for learning Hebrew, then you're sorely mistaken!  At one of the classes we had a really interesting discussion about Israeli football."

All Go Get & Tell Education products were developed by a team of experts and convey an abundance of love for the Hebrew language, Israeli culture and Jewish tradition. Our pedagogic skill comes from more than 20 years of teaching Hebrew to adults. We have accompanied students through the various stages of their studies, starting from the beginners level and up to the most advanced level.

Please feel free to contact us:
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Fax: 972-9-966-5613

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