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Pocket Dictionary

110 words that are essential when touring Israel
110 words divided into 10 different categories: verbs, adjectives, phrases and more

This nicely designed dictionary will come in handy during your upcoming stay in Israel
Download it to your computer, print it out, and familiarize yourself with the words
Come prepared for your visit with family, friends and the other wonderful people who are waiting for you
You'll naturally also meet Israelis when you're on the road, shopping, and at recreational facilities

Tourists who come to Israel often find themselves in a situation when they have a need to speak Hebrew. This dictionary contains a variety of words appropriate to different situations, enabling tourists to communicate easily.

Gina wrote:
"I'm planning to fly to Israel soon and this dictionary is exactly what I need."

Samuel wrote:
"The dictionary is really beautiful and also helps me a lot."

All Go Get & Tell Education products were developed by a team of experts and convey an abundance of love for the Hebrew language, Israeli culture and Jewish tradition. Our pedagogic skill comes from more than 20 years of teaching Hebrew to adults. We have accompanied students through the various stages of their studies, starting from the beginners level and up to the most advanced level.

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