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Self-study kit Level 2 Full updated kit

This is the kit you'll receive. As you can see, it includes 3 illustrated books replete with games and activities that help you learn Hebrew.
The kit comes with three books, each comprised of 140 pages of exercises and activities. It also includes a set of three discs, each XXXX minutes long, as well as a user manual.

The kit contains explanations in English about the different exercises. The 'smart' CDs will enable you to study effectively. There's also a user manual in English. The entire kit comes in a beautifully designed gift box.
It also contains a notebook we customized to beginner level Hebrew students.  You'll also receive – free of charge – an alphabet bookmark, and that's not all.  We'll surprise you and fill the box with additional small gifts. You'll begin speaking Hebrew within 30 days – and then never want to stop.

The 'Moses Method' which I developed is the optimal way to practice Hebrew at home. There's no need to memorize grammar rules, there's no need to learn things by heart, there are no tests, and there's no pressure.
I'm pleased to offer you the ideal solution for practicing at home enjoyably and effectively. The books are sleek, appealing and user friendly.

Lauren bought the kit and wrote:
"I was very glad to get this kit, thanks to which I don't feel that I'm struggling to learn, but rather enjoy every minute!"
Danielle wrote:
"This kit is the best present I could have received.  No wonder it comes in a gift box"

All Go Get & Tell Education products were developed by a team of experts and convey an abundance of love for the Hebrew language, Israeli culture and Jewish tradition. Our pedagogic skill comes from more than 20 years of m teaching Hebrew to adults. We have accompanied students through the various stages of their studies, starting from the beginners level and up to the most advanced level.

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$ 350