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Single private lessons

Focused lesson

Private lessons that focus on a particular topic not included in our regular programs

Our 60-minute private lessons are online. Tuition includes the instructor's preparation time for the specific subject matter chosen by the student.

I often come across needs that are unrelated to our regular programs. As a service to my students, I offer special lessons, such as bar mitzvah preparation or even tips about how to write a love letter to an Israeli boyfriend or girlfriend.
We compose the content together and, if necessary, practice how to read it correctly.

It goes without saying that being part of a learning community means I develop a personal connection with my Hebrew students and their lives outside the classroom. It is important to me to address needs that are not covered by the regular program, but are however related to Jewish identity and Israeli culture.

Leonid wrote:
"I wanted to surprise my Israeli girlfriend and record a song in Hebrew. During the private lesson I reviewed all the words of the song, learned how to pronounce them and even how to sing the right way."

All Go Get & Tell Education products were developed by a team of experts and convey an abundance of love for the Hebrew language, Israeli culture and Jewish tradition. Our pedagogic skill comes from more than 20 years of m teaching Hebrew to adults. We have accompanied students through the various stages of their studies, starting from the beginners level and up to the most advanced level.

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