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Trial kit Self-instruction kit - Level 2

A mini kit that will enable you to try out some of the materials found in the complete kit, designed for independent study without a teacher. 
A 15-page Hebrew workbook + audio CD + user manual

The mini kit is intended for students who have completed the beginner level courses and wish to continue improving their Hebrew. It comes with a workbook containing explanations in English.

Imagine finding an alternative to those long hours of studying Hebrew at home, which did not produce the desired results. You've been looking for a way to practice your Hebrew that doesn't take up too much of your free time, because you also want to engage in sports, see friends, and go on family outings. I prepared this mini kit for people like you, so you can study Hebrew simply and enjoyably. It includes my 'game method' that makes the whole process easier and helps you study more effectively.

Dana purchased the kit and wrote: "This is obviously a new, different and unique way of learning Hebrew. I love this method. I feel like it was adapted especially for me."

Hans wrote:
"I enjoyed learning from this kit. It was a great experience learning Hebrew. I'm interested in purchasing the complete set."

Go Get & Tell Education is an Israeli company that provides diverse study solutions to Hebrew students. We offer cutting-edge methods for learning Hebrew, including audio programs, educational games, and auxiliary products for independent study.

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