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Because studying at Go Get & Tell is so much fun, we've also designed a variety of products that will make your learning experience even more enjoyable, and at the same time help you attain excellent results. 
We offer special and interesting products you can surround yourself with, enabling you to stay connected with your Hebrew studies.  At our online store you'll find classes, superb self-instruction kits, CDs rich in dialogs that facilitate learning Hebrew on your own, user-friendly illustrated workbooks, notebooks, and other auxiliary products of unprecedented quality.  You can also buy gifts for friends and family who, like yourself, love the Hebrew language.  All Go Get & Tell products come gift wrapped.

Studying Hebrew online in a group is an enriching and highly valuable learning experience. The atmosphere in the group is dynamic, the classes are lots of fun, and the subject matter is engaging.
Our private lessons focus on the individual progress you can make learning Hebrew. At Go Get & Tell, we closely examine your study strategy and perfect it so you are better positioned to achieve amazing results.
The variety of kits we've created are tailored to making independent study of Hebrew an easier task. The self-instruction materials found in the kits are user friendly, illustrated, and guide you on the path to success.
We offer an assortment of unique and personal gifts, which are just right for those special days in your life. Share your great love for the Hebrew language with friends.
Our beautifully designed line of products will help you study Hebrew more effectively and more enjoyably, every step of the way. The various products complement and support the Moses Method and provide you, the student, with tools to better organize your studies.

Did You Know?
You're not the only one who loves Hebrew.  Fabien Gilot, a French swimmer who took part in the 2012 Olympics in London, has a Hebrew tattoo on his arm that says "I am nothing without them" - which is dedicated to his family.

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