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Shalom. I'd like to thank you for the fascinating course I took this past year.  I learned a lot and I'm beginning to understand what is being said to me, and can even speak a few full sentences.  I still have a lot more to learn, but I'm glad that my first course has left me with a taste and desire to keep on studying.


Steve, 47, Philadelphia, USA

Shalom. Thank you for my first course in the Hebrew language.  When I began studying, I knew how to say "shalom" and "boker tov" – but I'm now able to say "I live in Sydney, Australia and study Hebrew at Go Get & Tell."  I have two small children and I love Israel.


John, 38, Sydney, Australia


Shalom. The course was wonderful and I learned a lot.  When I began studying, I knew nothing.  The Hebrew language is a fascinating language and I want to learn more.


Raisa, 52, Brussels, Belgium


Shalom Ayala and thank you very much.  It’s important that I thank you for a successful school year.  Thank you for the patience, the professionalism and, most of all, thanks to you I learned how to study for the purpose of succeeding.  Every week you diligently checked my verbs notebook and encouraged me to be neat and organized.  I was surprised to discover that even at the end of the year, I still remember the words that were learned at the beginning of the year, and for that I thank you.


Yona, 37, Brazil


Thank you Ayala.  I'm very satisfied with your method.  I study at home using the self-instruction kit.  I listen to the disc everyday on my way to work, and on my lunch break I study using the workbook.  I feel obligated to mention that the workbook is compact and can be conveniently placed inside my small bag.


Lars, 34, Frankfurt, Germany



Ayala, shalom.  I wanted to tell you that I love the presentations you use during the classes. It's so much fun to learn Hebrew that way!


Liora, 52, USA


Wow! What a thorough and important course!  At the beginning of the course I wasn't organized, but after five lessons I realized that I must organize what's studied in order to remember the new words.  I want to express my gratitude for your verbs notebook and for the tips you sent me about how to organize and arrange the learning material!  I'm only at Lesson 12 now and I love studying using the Moses Method.


Jonathan, 48, Australia

Shalom. I want to thank you for the personal and special attention I receive at every lesson!  I'm able to appreciate it because I myself am a psychologist.  The personal attention encourages me to continue studying Hebrew.


Greg, 62, South Africa

Shalom. I took part in the Verbs Course-Everything You Need to Know, and received much more than I had expected - both during the lessons themselves and during the units dedicated to checking homework.  I now understand just how important it is to study once a week for 90 minutes.  It gave me so much and I made a lot of progress.


Anna, 56, Moscow

Shalom Ayala!  When I started taking the course I thought there was nothing left for me to learn in Hebrew, but then I saw that I'd been studying Hebrew on a mediocre level until now.  Much to my joy, I've advanced by one level and am now able to read texts at a high level.  Thank you so much for everything.


Rafael, 22, Argentina

I wasn't sure which course to take, and I'm glad that I chose Level 4 because during the course I learned how to write compositions in Hebrew.  I'm now able to write short compositions in Hebrew.  Studying at Go Get & Tell will save me a year of studies at the university in Israel because I was accepted to the Level 6 Hebrew course!  Thank you so much!


Susan, 28, Holland

Shalom. The course was excellent, and it's important to me to emphasize the textbook in particular, which has so many exercises and interesting stories.  Thank you.


Tamar, 42, Poland

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I'm finally able to read stories by Shai Agnon and Amos Oz.  I have to say that according to the Moses Method, we learn step by step and go from studying short passages to long passages, and that really helps me enter the world of contemporary Israeli literature.


Michael, 53, Ireland

Shalom, Ayala. I'd like to tell you a short story!  Since taking the Level 5 course, I have something to talk about with my Israeli friends!  We talk about the books I'm reading, about the authors, and they take a lot of interest in my studies.  In the end, I'll be teaching them to read books!


Tatiana, 56, Ukraine

Shalom, Ayala.  It's funny that I've already lived in Israel for 4 years and never learned to read books.  Neither did my parents.  Thanks to you, after every Hebrew lesson I sit with my parents and we read the stories together.


Moshe, 25, Israel

Shalom. I'm moving to Israel in another two months.  I'm glad that I took the course because I didn't know much about the system of government in Israel, and as a citizen in my State, it was important to me to learn about it.  This is excellent preparation for the new life I'm about to begin in Israel.


Sharon, 35, France

Shalom! Thank you so much for the rich and engaging course.  As an attorney, I have many business ties in Israel.  Until now I thought that Israel was lacking order, and during the course I came to understand the Israeli system of democracy.


Harry, 36, USA

The time had come for me to understand the Israeli system of democracy!  My daughter lives in Israel. I have an Israeli granddaughter and my son-in-law is from Israel.  We're thinking about moving to Israel when I retire.  During the course I really liked the textbooks, the exercises and, most of all, the discussions dealing with current events.


Mark, 59, USA


 I had the opportunity to meet many language teachers as I speak a total of seven languages. I have to say that Ayala is by far one of the best. She makes hebrew a fun language to learn. Thank you Ayala"
Service Category: Hebrew teacher
Year first hired: 2010 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative


 You are a very efficient teacher.
You pushed us to a good level of knowledment and I am gratefull for your hardworking classes with me.
I am sure my other mates confirm my words. Shalom  Ayala


Ayala seems to be a very focused and flexible teacher. I am highly motivated to move forward with the Hebrew language. Thank you


Thank you, Ayala, for the good teaching that never made us feel under too much pressure. This is me with my grand-child Anna...In my hands she stopped crying.Gilbert

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