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A Text from the Anthology

This week we lost an intellectual, a poet and a writer - Professor Naim Araidi. As Meir Uziel wrote about him after his death: "He was a poet and a gifted writer, and also a wonderful person with a sharp mind, original thoughts and ability to express things in words... His books of poetry, a book of prose and literary studies will remain forever in the Hebrew culture for us all." Beyond the grief and pain, the death of Araidi made me contemplate something: one of his poems should be in the Anthology that I'm going to publish soon, but I promised that the Anthology will only contain the writings of living writers. In the case of Naim Araidi, I have decided to make an exception, because the promise I gave him about publishing one of his poems in the Anthology is much more important to me... Let it be my own modest contribution to the commemoration of the eminent writer, poet and a dear person.

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