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A Success Story

This story is about a woman who recently celebrated her 80th birthday, a wonderful person, lucid and brilliant, who, apart from learning Hebrew, is a native Russian speaker with a good grasp of English. We started the lesson with her explaining to me that her children are encouraging her to write the fascinating story of her life. "Get myself to sit down and start writing...? It's not easy for me to do that! However, I’d be happy to leave a legacy for future generations! How was Georgia?” she asked me. Her interest grew as I showed her the pictures that I took. She wanted information about my visit to the Stalin Museum, and guess what? In her youth, Stalin's daughter was one of her best friends! Then, she began telling me at length (all of course in Hebrew, as that was the point of our meeting) the story of her family throughout the Communist revolution. As the class finished, I had the most fascinating documentary story about Svetlana, Stalin's daughter. I asked her yesterday for her approval to publish the story. She surprised me and said: “You know what: I'll prepare the whole story about Svetlana... I'll write a composition in Hebrew with the full story!” We arranged to talk again on Thursday. For her, it was a record of her own biography and for me - another success story about my method. You are welcome to listen to the fascinating conversation between us.

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